Inspirational Audio-Visual DVD Book & Promotional Merchandise

Snow Globe

MarieLucinda in Texas, USA, has chosen to release Resurrection Of The Christed Bride as an Audio-Visuel DVD Book, and to sell a range of inspirational promotional merchandise for the book. You’re sure to find something you love among the options available.

Audio-Visual DVD Book
Resurrection Of The Christed Bride is available on DVD, which is the book come to life through sound. The voice narration sounds like one might imagine God sounding, and He is telling the story. There will be 6 beautiful songs and original music score throughout the book, and the pictures with special effects applied to them.

Promotional Merchandise
A line of inspirational products is being designed to go along with the book and DVD. There will be Veiled and Unveiled versions of SonShine Rose, pictures of the book, and a range of art.

Contact MarieLucinda in Texas, USA, to learn more about the audio book and range of promotional merchandise.