Spiritual Transformation & Inspirational Novel

Rings with Flowers in the Background

Resurrection Of The Christed Bride is an inspirational novel, a work of Spiritual Transformation written by MarieLucinda in Texas, USA. It is the story of an Angel who has watched humanity struggle with Love and Forgiveness.
Heavenly Father and Mother God finally decide to send her and she agrees to come as a Missionary from Heaven to
earth to help.

Through her journey, Sonshine Rose will be born to a woman in an arranged marriage. This Angel has dreamed of
love and restoration of the lost Children of the Kingdom of Light for thousands of years. Now she is here.and the
Journey Begins....

The Story of SonShine Rose
The Heavenly Father arranges the marriage of two people from Lebanon and Italy to be the parents of SonShine Rose, who will know who she is from a young child. In her dreams, angels come and take her back home to a school in Heaven to help her remember her Heavenly life and to prepare her for the coming Missionary years of Earth life.

The Heavenly School
Each night she travels the heavenly realms to remember and learn, then in the mornings she returns to participate with the other children here on earth. Along the way, she loses herself on the journey and begins having flashbacks of both the light and the darkness within her. She begins to remember.... and realizes she must find the lost bits and pieces of herself, including the sins of Greed, Lust, and other naughty things. Along the Way, She finds herself and Jesus and becomes a disciple of Christ.

The Trans-morpho-genetics Decision....from Glory to death of self to New Glorifed Life......will she or won't she????

One day, she must make the "decision" of laying down her body and die "OR" lay down her body to die out to self
....bypassing physical death....and directly step into her glorified body just as her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ promised
she could do; though His redemption and conquering of death, hell and the grave for her.

About the Book
The book is done in pictorial form, and was written for women, though men will enjoy it as well. It is about a woman’s journey, though it could be about any of us as we have all come from Heaven and lost our way. The story is a love story focusing on SonShine Rose and Jesus. She dared to dream the dream of Eternal Life here and Now.........

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